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Due to the artisanal nature of the products, it is possible for artisans and designers to modify objects, clothing, footwear and accessories during production or even to not manufacture the products.

In case of design change by the manufacturer or stop of manufacturing after customer pre-order, you will be contacted by ACQUA CARLOFORTE Snc to express your consent on changes before shipping, or eventually cancel your order and have a refund.


Product availability on reflects the effective availability in the real Cà Mé Concept Store. It is possible, although highly improbable, for a product to be sold simultaneously on and in the real store, before the system could modify availability on the site.
In this event, site customers will be readily refunded.


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It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN the purchase of products on for reselling online or offline.

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​​​​In case of product pick up in the physical store, shipment cost will not be charged. Payment methods remain the aforementioned.


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