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    Dozens of unique pieces or limited edition to embellish your home.

  • Check our mirrors from the vintage taste

    Mirrors are the most researched piece of furnishing from Designers

  • A poetical moment with our candles

    For a romantic evening or an intimate and personal gift, find out our selection of rare candle lights.

  • Emotional Decor : arouse emotions that will remain!

    Object of design , memories of old trips, votive hearts, vintage piece to express the most beautiful feelings to the people you love

Christmas Time! Let’s Sparkle! -30%

The best way to live your winter with the magic of Christmas

– Discover Acqua Carloforte!

. Four Fragrances that will let you take a trip, or remember one, to one of the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea.

Check out!

Ceramic from Mediterranean Sea

The decorative ceramic fish handcrafted and hand painted in Italy

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Designs inspired by woodland and forest creatures

Home design objects inspired by a world of fairy tales.

Camè Concept Store

Emotional Decor: the concept behind our store, the result of travels, researches and meetings all over the world, a peculiarly selection of objects, forniture and everything else that we like.

We love contaminating strong styles with diverse trends in order to create unexpected contrast and release Wundercammer-worthy emotions. A room of wonders, surrounded by curiosity, scenic corners and all that creates wellbeing. An unexpected and unconventional way of shopping. Welcome to Ca’Mè Concept Store!

Chi siamo

CA’ ME‘ significa Casa Mia, ed è con questo spirito che invitiamo i Clienti nei nostri negozi.